Value In Imaging


When it comes to medical imaging, many patients do not know they have a choice in where the exam is performed. At Nebraska Health Imaging, we understand the meaning of value. Our exams are performed on American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited equipment and interpreted by board certified, sub-specialty trained radiologists.

When choosing an imaging provider, there are many factors to consider. Comparing all options will help patients determine a provider that offers high-quality imaging for the greatest value.

 As high deductible insurance plans dictate more financial responsibility to patients and as healthcare costs continue to rise, it is beneficial to shop for a more cost effective option.

Contact us to understand how we are saving patients hundreds of dollars.  Get the quality you deserve at nearly a third of the cost of other area imaging providers.

When you’re looking for answers regarding your health, trust the expert technologists and radiologists at Nebraska Health Imaging.  We have the training and experience to provide the exceptional care you deserve and the answers you are looking for. The radiologists at Nebraska Health Imaging, have had additional training in order to be sub-specialized in the different areas of the body. Their accurate diagnosis can help avoid additional expensive and potentially invasive studies and also help you get back to doing what you love, sooner.

Convenience also plays a part in imaging provider selection and at Nebraska Health Imaging we understand that your time is limited and valuable.

We not only offer extended evening and weekend hours so our patients are able to find a time that best works with their schedules, but are also conveniently and centrally located in Omaha.  No matter where you are coming to us from, we are only a short drive away.

Receiving multiple bills for healthcare services is confusing and frustrating.  At Nebraska Health Imaging, you get ONE bill for all services, with no additional radiologist or facility fees.  Let us take care of the hard part.

Even with insurance healthcare services can be expensive.  At Nebraska Health Imaging, we are in-network with most major insurances and can help your money go further.  We also will obtain any pre-authorization needed from your insurance carrier to ensure you are getting the most out of your insurance benefits.

We hope you see the value Nebraska Health Imaging offers and look forward to being your imaging provider of choice.